Summer Rooftop Atanu

I’ve decided to put some old photos up now, just to cheer me up. It’s been raining all day and on days like this I tend to think it will always be like this, I’ll never see the sun and blue skies again.

Ironically, it was raining, too at this party (organized by local legendary creative agency The Ice Cream Truck), but that’s different. It was a balmy September night and on the Bund, and while we were miles away from any swimmable beach, it did have some  seaside feeling to it. Ooh, I know, the venue, Atanu is in a lighthouse!

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2 Responses to Summer Rooftop Atanu

  1. Like your hairdo! Sexy 🙂 That guy with the black wig looks ‘Borat wierd’ hope he didn’t end up at your place IoI but the cute IndoEuropean/Amcsi/Russian/whatever… hm… tell me all about it plsplspls – flew out of the country the next day??? haha 😀

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