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Daily Bread

I was browsing Taobao one day looking for a cheap toaster and bumped into this one. Interesting background, too! Advertisements

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Summer Rooftop Atanu

I’ve decided to put some old photos up now, just to cheer me up. It’s been raining all day and on days like this I tend to think it will always be like this, I’ll never see the sun and … Continue reading

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The Day I Sketched My Libido on the Blackboard

Childish self-consciousness meets adult (sub)consciousness.  What started out as an innocent drawing of the California Shasta Dam, with a huge, winding river and a massive flood gate, due to some sudden, impromptu strokes of my chalk, turned out to be quite a … Continue reading

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I Want This Perrito!

Shanghainese are mad about pets. (So much about those “Have you tried dog meat yet? questions). I’m sure the one-child policy plays some part in it, and they are simply really hard to resist, but these little guys are, clearly, … Continue reading

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Zendai Himalayas Centre

It’s a bit scary, I think. It reminds me of a mammoth’s ribcage and the lights definitely give the whole area some eerie gangnam. I tried to do some research and find out about this Himalayas Centre (sounded cool to … Continue reading

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Moganshan Lu’s Latest

You remember those pictures from last year with the vomiting gorilla? This one seemed just as charming, especially on this pretty Indian-summer-in-November day.

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Two Weird Hairdos On The Way To Market

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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